FAQ/About Us

About our truck

  • What year and type of truck is it? 1965 Seagrave
  • What is the motor size? 8V-71 Detroit Diesel Engine with a Bio Diesel Fuel Upgrade
  • What kind of transmission does it have? 5 Speed Transmission
  • What kind of mileage does it get? 7 miles per gallon
  • How much does it weight? 20, 850 pounds
  • What does AFD stand for? Originally from Astoria Oregon (Astoria Fire Department)
  • How long did the conversion take? 100 Days
  • What kind of pizza oven is it? Oven is made by Forno Bravo, and is imported from Naples, Italy

About our pizza dough

  • Is there any sugar in your dough? Absolutely NO sugar in our dough
  • What kind of flour do you use? Wheat
  • What kind of water do you use? Filtered purified water
  • Do you use oil in the dough? We use 100% extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
  • What type of salt do you use? Kosher

About our ingredients

  • Is the pizza sauce from concentrate? No … our Gourmet Sauce is comprised of vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, salt, basil, oregano, and filtered purified water.
  • What kind of vegetables do you use? ALWAYS 100% locally grown fresh organic whenever possible
  • What kind of cheese do you use? Low moisture, whole milk, mozzarella, from free range happy cows in California.
  • What kind of frying oil do you use? No trans fats, No salt, No cholesterol (14g total fat – soybean oil and citric acid)